Espock Ervin 

As a Builder, Designer and Wood Specialist Degree, acquired under a combined work/training

scheme and formed by the best French artisans during 5 years.



I was born 9th of April 1987, in Remétea .





                                                I am French and Hungarian .

My place of residence in France !



My driving license 




With great motivation I want to learn English.

Data processing

Bonne maitrise du logiciel CAO FAO 3D

pour la construction bois,la charpente et la menuiserie.

Bonne maîtrise du logiciel de calcul de structures bois 

Bonne maîtrise du tableur de création de feuilles de calcul et d'analyse de données

Bonne maîtrise du logiciel de planification des                                                       taches et projets.  


  • Swimming and running (over 15 years)
  • Climbing compétition - Regionals titles (1997-1998)
  • Qwan Ki Do (Martial Arts) - 1st rank belt (2012)
  • Traveling to experience various cultures / tours in Europe and USA / climbed the Mont Blanc (France)
  • Designer furnitures
  • Architecture Passion 
  • Riding Horses